Doctoral and Masters Students

NameYearTopicCurrent Affiliation
Gabriel Tseng2025*ML algorithms for remote sensing data with sparse labelsMcGill/Mila (PhD)
Ivan Zvonkov2023*Scaling ML ops and vegetation forecasting in satelilte dataUMD CS (MS)
Yiming Zhang2023*Urban area change detection in high-resolution satellite imagesUMD GEOG (PhD)
Kevin Yoo2023*Vegetation forecasting in satellite dataUMD CS (MS)

* Planned graduation year

Masters Capstone Students

NameYear*TopicCurrent Affiliation
David AdamkiewiczSpring 2021Shedding Light on Opaque Statistics of the World’s Largest Agricultural Consumer (China)NGA
Ryan McWeeneySpring 2021Inter-comparison of cropland detection accuracy in public land cover productsMaxar
Amanda LopezSpring 2021Assessing impact of conflict on planted area change in Tigray Region, EthiopiaUSDA
Adam MartinFall 2021Leveraging Machine Learning to Map Salient Classes in Jezero Crater, MarsLeidos
Afolarin LawalSpring 2020Mapping prevent plant acres due to US Midwest 2019 floodingCloud to Street

* Capstone semester and year

Undergraduate Students

NameYear*TopicLast Known Affiliation
Ekenedilichukwu Ndu2022Label annotation for satellite imagesUMD CS
Adam Yang2022Label annotation for satellite images, land cover benchmarkingUMD CS
Maryann Vazhapilly2022Addressing dataset shift for operational ML systems for crop mappingUMD CS
Madhava Paliyam2022Segmentation for crop type mapping, Street2Sat object detection and depth estimationPalantir
Eva Utzschneider2022Cropland mapping for planted area change assessmentUMD CS
Sophia Owens2022Label annotation for satellite imagesUMD GEOG
Chin-Yun Kuei2022Label annotation for satellite imagesUMD GEOG
Logan Daytner2022Label annotation for satellite imagesUMD GEOG
Arushi Patel2022Out-of-distribution detection for science applicationsUMD CS
Kevin Liu2021Street2Sat object detection and data visualizationUMD CS
Bryce Dubayah2021DORA pipeline for outlier detection, volcanic thermal anomaliesDeepCell
Sakshum Kulshrestha2021Novelty-guided targeting for Mars roversUMD CS
Yao Poudima2021Cropland mapping in MaliUMD iSchool
Bissaka Kenah2021Segmentation for crop type mapping in US MidwestMorgan Stanley
Favour Nerrise2020Novelty-guided targeting for Mars roversStanford CS

* Latest year working with me

High School Students

NameYear*TopicLast Known Affiliation
Dhruv Pai2022In-season crop type mapping, WASDE report explorer toolMontgomery Blair High School
Vinay Raman2022DORA pipeline for outlier detection, ground annotations with noisy labelsMontgomery Blair High School
Saketh Sundar2022Field boundary delineation in satellite imagesRiver Hill High School

* Latest year working with me

Other research advising

NameYear*TopicLast Known Affiliation
NDspace team2022Depth estimation for Street2Sat using structure from motion (Deloitte Gravity Challenge)n/a
Robert Huppertz2021Burned area mapping near refugee settlementsOrbio

* Latest year working with me